Special Membership Meeting

Update – April 13, 2022

The special membership meeting was held on April 12, 2022. A vote of the membership in attendance occurred and the updated bylaws have been adopted. A copy of the updated bylaws that is now in place and will be used going forward is linked below. We appreciate everyone’s attendance at the meeting!

Special Membership Meeting

Edmond Amateur Radio Society – EARS

The Board of Directors of the Edmond Amateur Radio Society (EARS) has called a Special Membership Meeting:

April 12, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Downtown Edmond Community Center

Auditorium Room 118

28 East Main Street, Edmond OK 73034

Your attendance at this meeting is urgently requested to meet the quorum requirements necessary to ratify the REVISED EARS Constitution and By-Laws as approved by the EARS Board of Directors at its March 8, 2022 meeting. 

A few documents linked below will help guide you through the revisions but we would ask you to specifically review the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of the changes proposed by the Committee and approved by the EARS Board of Directors. It is a single page and fully explains the changes that we have proposed to your club’s governing documents. This summary specifically highlights the procedural changes incorporated within the document including membership terms, the timing and operation of Board and Membership meetings, clarifying the process for electing Board members each year, and other housekeeping issues. If you do nothing else before your attendance at the April 12th meeting, PLEASE read the linked EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.

The REVISED EARS Constitution & Bylaws document is also linked below, along with the ORIGINAL EARS Constitution & Bylaws document (the document which is in place today). For your convenience, we have prepared a REDLINE Version – REVISED Constitution & Bylaws document that compares the new document to the original and displays the changes and edited text. It is full of notes of edits, which largely relate to punctuation, capitalization, formatting, and other mundane issues, but it also captures the changes in text which we have adopted in this final report. Review these documents as you wish but be assured that the fundamental changes we have developed are presented in the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.

Please make plans to attend the Special Membership Meeting of EARS on April 12th. We will conduct this vote just before the regularly scheduled Board meeting, which you are always welcome to attend.