Siren Test

On the first Saturday of the month, EARS monitors the tornado sirens in the city of Edmond. This ensures that the Outdoor Warning Devices in the city work properly in the event of a tornado. The siren test is a great way to use amateur radio to give back to the community.

If you would like to volunteer for the siren test, contact Clay, WA6LBU via email:

Thank you to everyone who volunteers to help with the siren test; your help is greatly appreciated. Roll call will start at 11:30 am, please be at your siren promptly, and be ready to give a physical inspection report. Check to see that there is no damage to the pole, siren, or electrical boxes, ensure that the ground wire is still intact, and if your siren has solar panels, see that the solar equipment is still intact. You can give your physical inspection report when checking into the net.

After the siren test has been completed, we will do a roll call in the order of the siren numbers. If you have two sirens, you may give your report for both sirens when called.

Typical report is as followed:
Stationary siren report: Siren ###, good sound, both tests. (your callsign)
Revolving siren report: Siren ###, good sound, good rotation, both tests. (your callsign)

If there is a problem with the siren, please give a description, for example: No rotation on second test.
If there is a serious problem with the siren that requires an emergency response, notify Net Control immediately!

Please join us for lunch at Johnnie’s on 33rd after the test.

If the test is cancelled due to weather concerns, a QST will be given on the repeater.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Clay Mayrose