License Testing

Pre-registration is required! Please fill out the form below if you plan to attend an upcoming session.

Anticipated Dates for 2023: September 2, October 7, November 4, December 2

You will be notified by email of the test time by Thursday prior to the test on Saturday.

We are limiting the number of exams per weekend so sign-up in advance!  RSVP is required!

We now require applicants to have their FRN number instead of their social security number.  Instructions are below and in your confirmation e-mail!

Also, the FCC now requires an e-mail address on the registration.

ARRL VE exam sessions are typically provided the first Saturday monthly. Due to room availability, this is subject to change. If you plan to take two exams be sure the VEs know so they arrange for enough time. You will be notified by email of an assigned test time by Thursday prior to the test on Saturday.

Edmond Library, 10 S Boulevard

$15.00 test fee, payable at time of test. Applicants should make their check or money order out to ARRL/VEC. If you bring cash please bring the exact amount, we do not have on-hand cash to break bills.  (Fees are subject to change as they are mandated by the FCC, not us).

FCC Application Fee – Effective April 19, 2022

VECs and Volunteer Examiner (VE) teams should not collect the $35 fee at exam sessions.  The FCC fee must be paid online directly to the FCC not to the VE team or organization processing the application form. VEC and VE team licensing procedures are unchanged. New applicants will pay the $15 exam session fee to the ARRL VE team as usual, and pay the $35 application fee directly to the FCC by using the CORES Payer FRN System (easier to use but will only be available temporarily) or the CORES FRN Registration system (CORES – Login).  CORES payment system information.

When the FCC receives the examination information from the VEC, it will email a link with payment instructions to each qualifying candidate. The candidate will have 10 calendar days, from the date of the application file number being issued, to pay. After the fee is paid, and the FCC has processed an application, examinees will receive a second email from the FCC with a link to their official license or, in very rare instances, an explanation for why the application was dismissed or denied. The link will be valid for 30 days.

If an applicant fails to pay within the 10-day window, the application will be dismissed by the FCC. The application will have to be refiled to the FCC which will restart the 10-day window.
Exam candidates do not have to retest if the 10-day payment window is missed. An application can be refiled to the FCC, by the coordinating VEC, at any time before the CSCE expires. Contact the VEC listed on your CSCE to have the application refiled to the FCC.

What you need to bring:
1. We strongly advise you to bring ear plugs to reduce distractions as people come and go, pass their exam, etc.

2. Bring a simple calculator and pencil.

3. Adults should bring a photo ID so we can verify the person taking the exam. Young adults or children should bring a school ID or a parent with a photo ID.

4. You must have a FCC FRN (free).  We no longer accept Social Security Numbers.  The free FRN is used in place of a SSN when taking exams and is used for any upgrades and changes. If you already have a license then you have an FRN. To create an FRN or to check if you have one, use this 
FCC page:
FRN numbers are granted immediately!

If you have ever owned a Family Radio Service (FRS) radio then you ALREADY HAVE AN FRN and callsign!  Go to the FCC ULS and search for your information.

Bring your FRN to the exam session!

5. You must have an e-mail address.  Here are the two most popular free services (I suspect a parent could use their own account instead of creating one for the child):

Google Gmail:

Outlook Live:

6. If you passed an exam recently but it is not yet in the FCC ULS, bring your white form that is proof of passing a previous test. Otherwise, bring a copy of your existing FCC license to show to the VE.

Effective Sept 7, 2017 the application for a new license, upgrades, vanity calls and renewals must indicate if they have been convicted of a felony. The new form 605 is posted here: 
A YES will place the application in the “pending file for review” category. Applicants answering YES would have to, within 14 days, provide the FCC with a statement explaining the circumstances, and a statement “giving the reasons why the applicant believes that grant of the application would be in the public interest, notwithstanding the actual or alleged misconduct,” the revised Form 605 instructions state.
The entire article is available here:

1. Register (NOW) for an FRN number.

2. RSVP. If no one RSVP’s then the VE’s will not be there!

3. When you arrive, follow the signs to the EARS Classroom. Sign-in and advise the VE which test or tests you intend to take.

4. Present a photo ID and proof of an existing license, if any.

5. You will be given an exam and answer sheet and you may start. When you are finished, turn-in your answer sheet and exam and the exam fee. Standby in the hallway until we announce your name!

Tech+ Automatic Upgrade
If you have an unexpired Tech+ license you can automatically upgrade to General after completing the paperwork at a VE session. You must however bring proof of your current Tech+ license (which may have been renewed at some point as a Tech licence). We do one of these every year or two – please be patient and let us know a few weeks in advance so we can review the rules!

E-mail VE Coordinator, Ralph E. Turner N5AMR
Or text/call: (573) 999-4748

For Form questions you can also e-mail or call Steven,
Text/Call: 405-562-5481