Club Information

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To join or renew your membership, please fill out the Membership Form.
Please consider donating $5 to the EARS scholarship program when filling out your application.

EARS Repeater Policies and Procedures

All EARS members and other hams are required to abide by the EARS Repeater Policies and Procedures when using the EARS repeaters.
Please read the EARS Repeater Policies and Procedures in order to avoid improper transmissions.

EARS Club Station Usage

Any member of EARS may use the club station upon request. A member with an Extra License will be present to open the station and give any needed assistance. You may operate using your call and license privileges or may designate the Extra Licensee as Control Operator and enjoy additional privileges. Email: to set up a time to operate.

External Links

To obtain an Official FCC License Copy, click this link and scroll down to FCC RULES/ INFO