OKC Memorial Marathon

The OKC Memorial Marathon will be Saturday, Apr 29 and Sunday, Apr 30, 2023. Just like previous years, we will need a large number of Ham Radio volunteers. Saturday is the Kids race and the 5K race. Sunday are Full, Half, Relay and wheelchair races.

Below is more information about registering as a volunteer along with a link to the form.

This URL will take you directly into the PSC registration page.

Please read the header info on the site. We all will have a background check done as part of the registration.

Please fill out all the boxes. It is a different company than last year and we are trying to get a couple other things added. Have patience with us.

CURRENTLY, THERE IS NO “COMMENTS” TEXT BOX FOR YOU TO ADD YOUR COMMENT OR NEED. After you register please email me with your comments or needs. There have been a couple volunteers in the past who needed an assignment where they didn’t have to stand for long periods, or are in a wheel chair/electric chair, etc. I need to know those things so please email directly with that info.

The URL to register is:


Hoping to see many of you getting registered. Please don’t forget to semd me the special needs and/or comments.

If you have questions cotact me.

Mike Rockey KE5EQC

OKC MM Puiblic Service Communications chjairman.