Elmer Net

The Elmer Net is held on 147.135+ on the 1st Monday of each month. The purpose of this net is for elmers to share their thoughts, experiences and expertise as it relates to HF radios, antennas, grounding and other issues.

Monday Night Information Net

The Information Net is held each Monday at 8:00pm on 147.135+ and 443.425+.  Information of interest to the Amateur Radio Community is provided. Click here for the latest Net statistics.

If you would like to run a Net, we would gladly welcome you to the Net Control position.  Nets can be run from your home, HT, mobile or from the Club Station.  If you want to run the Net from the Club Station, contact Bob Cooksey, KM5GZ prior to the Net.  If you are going to run the Net from a home, HT or mobile station, please make sure your equipment is functional and has enough power to reach the repeater reliably.

The following are downloadable documents for the Net:

Net ScriptMS WordPDF

Net LogMS WordPDF

Route 66 10-10 HF Net

The Route 66 10-10 HF Net is an informal 10-10 Net is conducted each Monday evening on 28.390, immediately following the 2 meter Information net, at approximately 8:30 PM.
Get yours kicks on 10 meters.