Edmond Amateur Radio Society 

2019 License Manual Choice for pick-up at class or board meeting

Optional License Manual Choices for pick-up


1-TECHThis is the entry license issued by the FCC. The holder of a Technician license has full privileges
to operate on the 6 meter band and above.

2-GENERAL This is the second license and is considered an upgrade to the Technician license.
The holder of a General license is granted all the privileges of the Technician plus some privileges
on all other amateur radio bands.

3-EXTRAThis is the highest license available to amateurs and grants full privileges on all amateur radio bands.

Before obtaining an upgrade, one must first pass the test for the license level below the sought after license. Simply put, to obtain a General license, one must have successfully passed the test for the Technician license.

For information on getting started in ham radio and licensing:

To obtain an Official FCC License Copy, click this link and scroll down to FCC RULES/ INFO